Cheshire Tournament 2001

The 4th Cheshire Tournament was held on 10th February 2001 in Crewe

25 players from 23 kyu upwards attended the 4th Cheshire held alongside the Crewe Chess Championships. The venue was the staff restaurant of the company then known as Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motors. As you came in you could see some newly refurbished, shiny black machines parked nearby. The venue had been the traditional home of the Crewe Chess Congress for many years.

166 chess players kept Roger Edwards busy as main organiser. Many of them came over to see what Go was about, and one, Tom Rose 4 kyu, was sad that he had entered the Chess, not knowing of the Go event. Best of the Chess players was Keith Arkell, an International Master, who won with five straight wins. Roger's wife and friends ran the snack bar very well, but had to apologise that the non-cheese vegetable pies had cheese in them because of a mistake in the pie factory.

Winner of the 8-player Open section was Kunio Kashiwagi (1 dan Bradford) with 3/3. Second was Eddie Smithers (1 dan Leicester). Handicap section winner by 1½ SOS points was Richard Moulds (2 kyu Manchester) with 5/6. Second and Youth prize winner was Ian McAnally (11 kyu Manchester) also with five wins. Young Paul Blockley (23 kyu Worcester) won the continuous 10x10 most wins prize having played 15 games in all winning 12 of them despite tiring himself out. Unfortunately Jil Segerman's 5/8 was a good percentage, but it was not over the prize-winning minimum. The prize winners went away with Go books to the value of 25 or 10 pounds as appropriate.




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