Cheshire Tournament 2002

The 5th Cheshire Tournament was held on 9th February 2002 in Crewe.

Held during the Crewe Chess Congress, Saturday 9th February 2002 at Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motors Works Restaurant, Pyms Lane, Crewe, Cheshire, 30 players attended. Winner of the open section was Ruud Stoelman (2 dan Bradford); second was Tim Hunt (2 dan Milton Keynes). Winner of the handicap section was Edward Blockley (2 kyu Worcester). On 4/5 were Brian Timmins (4 kyu Shrewsbury), Stephen Streater (12 kyu Epsom), Martin Harvey (3 kyu Manchester). Paul Blockley (18 kyu Worcester) was best youth. David Hooper (25 kyu Liverpool) won the 10x10.

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