Cheshire Tournament 2008

The 11th Cheshire Tournament was held on 9th February 2008 in Frodsham.

On a beautiful sunny day, 24 players attended the 11th Cheshire Tournament. It was held again alongside the Chess Congress at Frodsham Community Centre. Winner of the Open section was organiser Tony Atkins (2 dan); second was George Leach (2 kyu Liverpool). Worthy mention goes to Martin Harvey, who at 5 kyu was the lowest ever player in the Open, yet only missed out from fourth place by half a point in his last game. The winner of the Handicap section had to be decided on tie-break between Andy Price (12 kyu) from Leamington and three of the group of boys from Aston. Huw Talliss came out top, followed by Andy equal with Jack Drury and Calum Healey was fourth. The 10x10 was cancelled for technical reasons.



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