Cheshire Tournament 2009

The Cheshire Tournament was not held in 2009 because of the British Go Congress in Chester But there was a teaching day held on 14th February 2009 in Frodsham.

Chester Go Club ran the 42nd British Go Congress in Chester. The British Lightning took place on the Friday evening in the Olde Custom House inn, with 36 players. The winner with 5 wins was Baron Allday (1 kyu West Wales). Winning 4 were Yohei Negi (1 dan St Andrews), Sandy Taylor (2 kyu Durham), Xinyi Lu (5 kyu Maidenhead), Piers Shepperson (4 dan Epsom), Andrew Kay (3 dan Cambridge) and Xi Gao (5 dan China).

There were 61 players in the Open held at the Westminster Hotel. The winner was Xi Gao, a Chinese 5 dan from Liverpool, with 6/6. Second on 5/6 was Andrew Kay (3 dan Cambridge). Also on 5 wins were Yohei Negi (1 dan St Andrews), Richard Bentley (4 kyu Durham) and James Brownrigg (12kyu Chester). On 4 wins were Piers Shepperson (4 dan Epsom), Alistair Wall (3 dan Wanstead), Louise Bremner (1 kyu Isle of Man), Sandy Taylor (2 kyu Durham), Edwin Brady (2 kyu St Andrews), Geoff Kaniuk (3 kyu Cambridge), Martin Harvey (3 kyu Manchester), Simon Mader (4 kyu Cambridge), Stephen Bailey (4 kyu West Surrey), Jenny Radcliffe (5 kyu Durham), Brian Timmins (8 kyu Shrewsbury) and Elinor Brooks (8 kyu Swindon).

The Cheshire Open trophy was awarded to Martin Harvey and the Cheshire Handicap to Stephen Bailey (on SoS tiebreak from Brian Timmins), on the basis of most wins by those who had played recent Cheshire Tournaments.

The Nippon Club Team Trophy went to Cambridge (Kay, Kaniuk, Mader) on 78%.



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