Cheshire Tournament 2012

The 14th Cheshire Tournament was held on 11th February 2012 in Frodsham.

The Cheshire tournament entry was rather neatly 8 players in each section, though some more wished to attend but withdrew because of illness, rather than the fear of bad weather as earlier in the week. In the top group organiser Tony Atkins (2 dan Reading) was the winner, beating Baron Allday (1 dan West Wales) in the final. Michael Vidler (Abergele) was also awarded a prize for winning two at 3 kyu. In the Handicap Section, the winner on 4/5 was Kath Timmins (13 kyu Shropshire), beating into second place John Herman (5 kyu Manchester), in the last round. Also on 3/5 were Joe Stephenson (5 kyu Bolton), Matt Marsh (6 kyu Sheffield), Tony Pitchford (9 kyu Chester) and Brian Timmins (10 kyu Shropshire). Of these, Brian received a prize for long attendance, being the founder of the Cheshire 28 years before.




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