Cheshire Tournament 2013

The 15th Cheshire Tournament was held on 9th February 2013 in Frodsham.

The Cheshire tournament entry was 22, with 8 players in the top section. In the top group Toby Manning (2 dan Leicester) was the winner, beating Tony Atkins (1 dan Reading) in the final. Also winning 2/3 were Roger Huyshe (3 kyu Shropshire) and Chris Kirkham (4 kyu Manchester). In the 14 player Handicap section Dave Horan (9 kyu Chester) was the winner with 5/5, narrowly winning his last game on time. Winning 4/5 were Brian Timmins (8 kyu Shropshire) and John Green (4 kyu Leamington). Winning the fighting spirit prize was Gary Ashworth (4 kyu Manchester).




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