Cheshire Tournament 1986

The 3rd Cheshire Tournament was held on 5th October 1986.

It was moved from the January as the British Go Congress was organised by Brian Timmins at Crewe and Alsager College's Crewe Campus from 4th to 6th April 1986 with 86 players. (The Congress had also been at Alsager in 1975.)
At that, Matthew Macfadyen was the British Open winner and Brian Chandler won the Lightning.

The Cheshire Tournament itself was held, as before, at the Oakley Centre, part of the Victoria Community Centre in Crewe.
It had 34 entrants, with a good spread of grades including three 20 kyu players.
The Cheshire Goban trophy was won by Piers Shepperson (3 dan Nottingham).
Other prize winners were Paul Margetts (6 kyu CLGC) and Helen Sherwood (17 kyu).

After this event, Brian Timmins moved his tournament to become the Shrewsbury Tournament, starting in 1988.

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