Tony Atkins Second Programme on Countdown 06/05/11

It's 8:00 pm in Manchester on 13th April with only 12 hours after the show ends before having to be back in the studio. Having scored 95 in a 145 max game in the first programme, it would be exciting to do better this time. So could I beat another lass? This time it was Jordan Humphries, from Northern Ireland, whose brother Jamie won two shows earlier in the series.

Start of Programme 2 Tony on Programme 2

Game and Game Review for Game 2 (PDF)

The only round that needs explaining is the DUMPEDx round. I had lots of possible 6s. Such as HUMPED, POUNDS and MOUNDS. Unlike other rounds where I checked each word carefully this was only a 6 and so I just picked the most interesting sounding word off my list. However it had somehow changed into DUMPED which was invalid (only one D). Initially Susie accepted it, until pointed out the error, so that bit had to be refilmed.

Rachel and the DUMPEDx Round Rachel and the 623 answer

BTW I did have VAUNTERS, but, following the previous game's CAPTIONERx incident, I stuck with a safe 7 than risk the lead. One comment that didn't make the cut was Alistair Stewart saying "Hat's off to FEDORAS!"

A solid 30 points from the numbers games meant I was well ahead when Jordan got the conundrum in less than 2 seconds. I had just about seen it was full of Ns and Ms!

So final score was 91-74, but still no century and I should have got a few more of the possible 134 available.

Jeff Stelling - Silver Fox? Susie and Alistair

Jordan was invited back in 2012 to play her brother Jamie in a special edition (broadcast 12th March). I am pleased to say she beat him 71-48 and got her teapot after all.

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