Go Trivia

Here's some pages of Go Trivia collected over the years on my old site. I hope you enjoy!

Go in Space

Words from the box of a magnetic Go set.

Secretary's Report

One year when the boring BGA secretary's report was livened up a bit.

Meaning of Go Liff

A quiz set for the West Surrey one year (answers).


A quiz set for the EGC 2001(answers).

Computer Virus

Another quiz set for the EGC 2001 (answers).

Travel Tips to Dublin

Done for the EGC 2001 (some of the routes are no longer valid).

Tourism Tips in Dublin

Top 10 non-Go things to do in Dublin.

Japan 2001 Go Match in Gunnersbury

Pictures of match and teaching at the Japanese festival.

Geisha Japanese Festival 2006

Pictures of Swinton Park, Yorkshire, 23 - 25 May 2006.

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