Nagoya City Tram and Subway Musuem

This museum has subway and tram exhibits.


Akaike subway station (Tsurumai line), Nisshin, Aichi. It takes about 30 minutes from central Nagoya to reach the last station on the blue Tsurami line, from where the line becomes Meitetsu Railway only. Leave by exit 2 (follow the museum signs), turn right at the top of the stairs and immediately right. After two blocks you reach the dual-carriageway road (R153). Turn left on to the side road/path before the main road and cross the main road at the junction and turn right back up the path on the other side. The entrance is a gateway on the left into the subway works and offices. The museum (the "retro densha hall") is to the left behind the office building (past the double tunnel boring machine (TBM)).

List of Rolling Stock

The following on display: subway cars 107/108 (1957), and trams 1421 (1938), 3003 (1944) and 2017 (1956).

Other facilities

Models of trams and subway cars, a model railway, photographs, bogies, a panel off works tram number 2, a signal panel and display on tunnel boring.


10:00-16:00, closed Wednesdays, admission free.


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