Ome Railway Park

The Ome Railway Park is on top the hill north of Ome station. It's location provided a challenge in delivering some of the stock, especially the Shinkansen car. There are several locomotives outside and a small museum building, with models and other displays. It was opened in 1962 by JNR to celebrate 90 years of Japanese Railways.


Ome is in the Tokyo suburbs on the Ome line which branches off the Chuo-line at Tachikawa. From the station, cross the line to the north east of the station and walk up the hill by a twisty road.


Open from 10:00-17:30 (16:30 in winter). Closed Mondays and new year. Also open Mondays on holidays and spring/summer school breaks. Entry 100 yen.

List of Rolling Stock

The following locomotives are on display:
5540, 2221, 9608, 8620, ED16-1, C11-1, E10-2, D51-452
and Shinkansen driving car 22-75.

(110 formerly here is now (2020) at JR East Hotel Mets, Sakuragichiko, Yokohama. C51-5 also left in 2007 to Omiya.)

Other Facilities

In addition there are mini-train rides, exhibits and a shop.

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