Kyoto Railway Museum (Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum)

Kyoto Railway Museum incorporates the former Umekoji Railway Museum, a preserved locomotive roundhouse with a large collection of active steam locos.
That opened in 1972 at the junction just west of Kyoto station, and became the Kyoto Ralway Museum in 2016.
The entrance is the preserved former Nijo station.


From the Kyoto main entrance station turn left for a couple of small blocks until you reach the bigger road and turn left up to the railway bridge. Cross the road by the footbridge and follow the railwayside road and enter and cross the park to the entrance. Otherwise from Tambaguchi suburban station head south along side the railway (15 minutes walk).

List of Rolling Stock

The following locomotives are on display:
1801, 1080, 233, 9633, 8630, D50-140, C51-239, C53-45, C55-1, C11-64, D51-1,
C58-1, D51-200, C56-160, B20-10, C59-164, D52-468, C61-2, C62-1, C62-2, C62-26.
C57-1 (and sometimes others) is usually out on mainline duties.
In 2014 7105 "Yoshitsune" moved from the closed museum in Osaka.

Plus: DD54-33, DD51-756, EF52-1, EF58-150, EF65-1, EF81-103, EF66-35 and Shinkansen and DMU/EMU stock.

Other Facilities

In addition there are train rides, turntable demonstrations, exhibits, a shop and restaurant.


Daily 10:00 to 17:30 except Wednesday and new year.
Also open on holiday Wednesdays.
Entry 1200 yen (2016); steam rides extra.

New Museum

A new museum building opened as part of the site in 2016, including many exhibits from the closed transport museum in Osaka. It has three storeys and a central hall containing modern rolling stock items. There is also a covered outside Promenade and the Twilight Plaza containing more items of rolling stock.

Web Sites

Japanese Railway Society report on Umekoji with pictures

Wikipedia web page

Museum website (English)

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