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The Nara of Young Samurai: The Ring of Water

In the book, Jack goes to Nara and comes across some of the deer that roam freely about the park. In recent times some have become ill from all the junk food tourists have given them. Watch out if you go there as they also like to eat tourists' maps!.
Jack then visits the largest wooden building in the world: the great hall of the Todai-ji temple.


Inside the building is the giant statue of the Buddha. Here you too can crawl through the hole in the large wooden pillar called the Buddha's Nostril. Often larger tourists get stuck and have to wriggle to get through like Jack.
Nara is full of old buildings such as pagodas. It would be really delightful to play Go in the gardens of such old Japanese buildings.


Here you can see professional players sitting on the floor and playing Go on table boards (goban) like Jack did. The man in blue must be left handed as you cannot see his bowl of stones, only the bowl's lid which he uses to keep his prisoners. These players are actually in nearby Osaka.

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