Nottingham Tournament 1984

The 2nd Nottingham Tournament was held on Saturday 10th November 1984 in the Portland Building.

Clive Wright was the new organiser with Mike Harvey, as Tony Atkins had graduated. 32 players took part.

The winner was John H. Smith (2dan Manchester) with 4/4. The 10 players winning 3/4 were: Richard Granville (3 dan Malvern), Brian Ellis (1 kyu Hemel Hempstead), Alan Thornton (2 kyu Hemel Hempstead), Alistair Thompson (2 kyu Monmouth), M. Harvey (5 kyu), Robert Cannard (6 kyu Cheltenham), Dan Gilder (7 kyu Nottingham), J. Coke (9 kyu CLGC), A. Robinson (11 kyu Coventry) and Martin Willett (13 kyu Bretby). Candidates places went to Bill Brakes (1 dan) and Brian Ellis (1 kyu).




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