Nottingham Go Tournament Quiz 2010

Words ending "GO"

A large group of islands 
1958 Hitchcock film 
A large oval fruit indigenous to India 
Freight carried in a ship 
Country bordering Burkina Faso, Benin and Ghana 
Bart Simpson's twin brother 
A highly contageous bacterial skin disease 
Informal language 
A small drum or species of African antelope 
A wading bird 
2004 Viggo Mortensen film 
Motor home manufacturer 
Large Californian city 
A symbol or emblem 
An Australian dog species 
Separated from the South American mainland
by the Strait of Magellan
A colour of the rainbow 
A river whose name appears in the
name of two countries
North Dakota city 
Foreign trade prohibition 
Non-African tropical nation 
Yell it when you win it! 
A Dodge SUV 
An Argentinian or Uruguayan dance 
Jason's ship 
A springy stick 
Fortune magazine's toy of the century 
A capital city 
Another capital city 
Board game containing miners, bombs and scouts 
Maidenhair tree 
Japanese dumpling 
Famous drummer 
Scaramouche, scaramouche... 
The windy city 
A bird native to Australia 
Villain in Othello 
Milk pudding 
Governmental advisory body 
Irish town 
Noisy woman 
Sign of the Zodiac 
Serbian car manufacturer 

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