Why Kiseki Go?

"Kiseki" means "Miracle".
Go is perhaps a miracle game in that its rules and elements are so simple yet the game is so devious and deep.
The parts of the word have associations with Go too.
With different characters "Ki" is used to mean "Go Game" and "Seki" is a term for a "Stalemate" in Go.
"Ki" can also mean "Tree" and "Seki" can mean "Rock";
these are two of the physical elements of Go in the board and the stones.


Tony Atkins

Tony started working full time on Go in 2004 and has a long experience in promoting and teaching Go.
He has taught Go at a great many festivals, exhibitions and workshops and in schools.
He was British Go Association Secretary for 17 years
and was elected to the executive of the European Go Federation in 2000,
serving as President for 8 years.
He is an amateur player who reached 3 dan in strength and has more than 40 years of Go experience.
He lives in Reading.


Contact him on 0118-9268143
37 Courts Road, Earley, Reading, RG6 7DJ
info @ kisekigo.com


Often sessions have been held jointly with another Go teacher, Peter Wendes (ZenMachine), who lives near Portsmouth.
He has joined other British Go Association volunteers at large events. These have included Martin Harvey, Paul Smith and Adam Atkinson.
Tony has also worked in Germany with Japanese professional Go player and teacher, Yuki Shigeno 2 dan, and in Ireland with the IGA.

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