Courses and Workshops

Courses, workshops and demonstrations are available according to expertise, time available and budget.

The minimum Go introductory session length is normally one hour, but it can be fitted into 40 minutes, or half or whole day session can be run. Clearly the amount of material covered varies according to the time allowed. The shorter sessions introduce the game of Go and its culture, capturing, including a hands on period of play of capture Go, and end with the briefest of introductions to territory. A longer session would cover territory, some simple tactics and include several hands on periods. The teaching style and amount of material covered will also depend on the abilities of the students.

Content of follow up sessions depends very much on what was already known by the students. The territory game and tactics and strategies would be covered. For students who have been playing the territory game for a while, then the session would be more of a master class, focusing on stretching the playing level of those students. Master classes can be provided as part of a beginners' event by another teacher, to allow for those who have already played to be catered for by the session.

If you are running a Japanese, Chinese or Korean themed day, holding a Maths week, having a series of talks on different foreign cultures, or running a themed day or series of sessions on thinking skills or sessions for Gifted and Talented students, then Go is a highly suitable activity.

Go can also be introduced through drop-in sessions or stands at exhibitions and open days.

Participants in a formal introductory session are entitled to the BGA Workshop Certificate.

Courses can be tailored to fit your budget. Generally there will be a charge based on the length of the session and a mileage-based element depending on distance from Reading. Large corporate events can be priced on a per head basis. Sessions for schools and other youth groups qualify for educational discount, and in exceptional cases fees may be waived or sponsored by the BGA.

If you are unsure about whether you are interested in learning Go or not, you can purchase a Go Evaluation Pack.

Please contact me with your requirements for a quotation by return. Do not worry if you have a small or zero budget, as a way can usually be found to fund an event.

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Last updated: 2018-01-04.